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The goal of this seminar is to help you work through the "Is God…?" questions in ways that result in life-changing "God Is…!" answers. The subject is God.

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The Big God Questions

Does God exist?  Do I exist?  It seems that at times philosophers have struggled with the question of their own existence more seriously than the question of God’s existence.  While most of us can’t even get started on philosophizing about our own existence, we do wonder at times about how did we get here? and why are we here?-- questions about why do we exist

            Although, even this line of questioning only arises at those times when we are willing to climb outside our “here and now” experience to look at the big picture.  Perhaps these questions aren’t pondered more frequently because we’re afraid of how the answers might affect our  "here and now” experience.  Isn’t it usually at times when disasters strike and life is falling apart that   these kind of questions rise to the surface of our thoughts?

            Then there are the questions like: What happens after I die? When does the world end? When was the beginning? How did life begin?  Probably these questions come up a little less often because the answers don't affect our "here and now" experience as directly.  At certain stages of life, we focus on specific questions that are likely to affect the length of our lifetimes;  questions like: What are my chances of getting cancer? Is my environment killing me?, Will I die young from my parents genes?

            But always overshadowing these questions, which seem so crucial to our immediate life experience, are the big God questions.  This web site focuses primarily on the God questions.  However, as you will discover, pursuing answers to the big God questions will at times require jumping in and out of all these other questions.