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Does God Talk To People

    This question comes after some other questions about God such as Does God Exist?, What Is God Like?Did God Create People? and Why Did God Create People?  If you conclude that God designed and created people from a longing for relationship, it almost seems a given that He would communicate with them.  This seems quite clear from the Bible account of God’s creation of people (Genesis 1 & 2) that we were designed specifically for relationship with God

    Biology tells us that humans have unique, superior powers above all other life forms on this planet.  Human beings can think and reason, experience and control a wide variety of emotions, and originate and speak in very complex language; therefore their communication skills far exceed any other form of life on Earth.  

    So it all seems to be there.  It seems we must be equipped to communicate with God and certainly He is equipped to communicate with us, especially if He designed us.  The Bible, itself a communication from God, gives us His motive.  (See the question;  Does God Really Love People?)

    God-man communication is clearly to be expected. Yet it seems to be a rarely reported event where someone claims that God audibly spoke to them; and many of them are suspect because of the un-God-like messages they reported hearing.  Does God talk to people and can people talk to God at special times or even anytime?  How would that work and for what purpose?