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The goal of this seminar is to help you work through the "Is God…?" questions in ways that result in life-changing "God Is…!" answers. The subject is God.

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What God Is Like


            This question may actually be tougher than the question of God’s existence.  Science and math have not developed experiments or equations that can measure or describe what God is like (not that these disciplines are really interested in doing so).  So some people use the concept of a Mother Nature as their foundation of what God is like. 

            Let’s think this through with these thoughts from the book, Searching for a God to Love, by Chris Blake.

             Often we hear of the "designs" or "creations" of Mother Nature as though this mother carries a mind and a purpose of her own.  If so, then Mother Nature is merely another label for God.  Or, we may think of God as a Star Wars force—the energy in everything. It's hard to be friends with energy, though. In addition, the idea of a mindless energy source brings along its own baggage.

              Any Power that creates nature is by definition supernatural. By noting how nature is so precisely and intricately organized, we discern that behind this Power is an intelligence.

        Planning ahead requires not only intelligence but also passion and self-discipline. There is no great work begun without passion and no great work completed without restraint. The best creativity demands valuing, prioritizing, and reshaping. Furthermore, each of these qualities originates from a free will, the ability to make up one's own mind to act. A computer may accomplish creative tasks, but somewhere in the background sat individual programmers with their own wills. When we consider that the Power has intelligence, passion, self-discipline, prioritization, and free will, it seems only reasonable to speak of this Power as a person. And if a person, then a personality follows.

            TThe concept of Mother Nature falls short as a definition of God or what God is like.  Logically speaking, a God who pre-existed everything, who made everything, would have to be the source of all energy, matter and all intelligence.  To have designed and created everything, would also require unlimited knowledge plus control of energy and matter. 

            The Universe is a big place. So reason would also tell us that God must be able to go or be anywhere at thought speed, not light speed; probably able to be present everywhere at once.  Science says that being present everywhere at once is possible if you could get outside the dimension of time.  So God must not be limited by time.

            As much as some try to give Mother Nature a personality and awesome power, the common concept of Mother Nature doesn’t quite rise to this level.  But then, Mother Nature was probably more an attempt to put a personality face on the description of God.