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What Is God Like? - Part 2

            What about the personality and character of God?  Isn’t this actually what we really want to know when we ask, What is God like?  This brings another big God question to mind, “Does God get angry?”.  You might want to click this question next in the Questions Cloud.

             The Holy Bible, generally accepted to be God’s revelation of Himself to humans, says that “God is Love.”  (1 John 4:8)     In fact, the overriding message throughout the Bible is that God is loving, kind, trustworthy, patient and selfless.  We recognize these as describing a personable, good God.  The Bible also claims that God is the creator of human beings and therefore God is the source of all human love.

             In his book,  Finding the Father,  Herb Montgomery makes the point is made that family love was created by God in Eden.

            The human desire to have a family is proof positive that we will give up anything for the possibility of expressing the phenomenon of loving another while simultaneously being loved.  In these relationships we sense the echoes of Eden, a faint whisper saying, “This is why you were made.”  It is why we are here.

            We are longing for love above all else, and nothing short of it will ever make any one of us feel fully satisfied.  Ultimately, all these longings are, as we saw in the beginning of this chapter, satisfied by God Himself, for “God is Love”.  (1 John 4:8)  Many of us fail to realize that we get the love we all so desperately long for, not from each other, but from God. (1 John 4:7)  God is much more than religious doctrine or moral regulations.  God is Love!

            The evolution theory of human origins struggles to explain how and why the human character would evolve to include self-sacrificing love.  When you accept that God does exist, the most logical explanation for the origin of humans is that God designed and created them (the chance evolving of the human body and mind is just too unbelievable). This would then answer where we got our longing for love; which would also tell us that God is the source of love. 

            Now the next big God question you will want to explore is: "Does God Get Angry?"